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Xmas Aanta Express  
Flash of genius , season with inspiration

2019.12.24 :1088++/位
2019.12.25 :688++/位
2019.12.31 :888++/位

Only at blue!
For reservations, please call (86 755) 2693 6888- 8022
Xmas Aanta Express  
Make a Wish at The Vneice。Please be sure to collect wishing cards to write down your Christmas wish.
Create Christmas surprise
There will be a Lucky Draw Session with a chance to come true.

family package  1888++/person ( couple + 1 child)
adult      888++/person
 child      388++/person
family package  1188++/person( couple + 1 child)
adult      588++/person
child       298++/person
adult       688++/person
child       328++/person 
Xmas Aanta Express  
Strawberry Rush  
Savor the wonders of sweet strawberry

Xmas High tea:368++
Xmas package: Xmas bread:128++ 
                          Xmas cookies:58++ 
                         Xmas ginger house:88++ 

Promotion Date:2019.11.30-2019.12.25
Crab and Oyster  
Crawling to a table near by you

Promotion Price: RM298++/per one(weekday) RM4288++/per one(weekend)

Promotion Date:2019/09/06-2019/11/16

For more special discount information please contact (0755)2693 6888-8117
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